The GROWING concerns for many executives and business owners are low employee engagement. The lack of employee engagement costs companies billions worldwide. The symptoms that lead to low levels of engagement can range from turn over, missed deadlines, unproductive teams, failed or delayed initiatives, and low morale, to name a few. These challenges produce lost of time and money that companies usually don’t anticipate. We will design an effective and practical solution Taylormade for your needs so that you can focus on strategic plans, growth, and profits.


Do you find yourself saying the following?


  • "I am not getting enough from my people." 

  • "My team is not aligned." 

  • "I need to change this culture, but everyone resists."

  • "If we don't improve performance soon, we are in huge trouble."

  • "We can't seem to get things done quickly and effectively around here."

  • "We have a strategy, but no one is making it happen."                                       


Symptoms that leads to low employee engagement:

  • Low morale

  • Missed Deadlines

  • Turnover

  • Ineffective Communication

  • Bad Survey Feedback

  • Repetitive Errors

  • Poor Execution

  • Lack of Creativity

  • Poor or Negative Culture

  • No Alignment of Company Valves

  • Inability to Retain Talent

  • Inability to Launch Initiatives Successfully


These are just a few of the negative effects of low employee engagement. In a survey of over 700 HR professionals said: “only 44% agree that employees in organizations give a discretionary effort” (2018 Glint report). The facts are there, that’s just one of several dozen reports that it costs companies millions to billions of dollars.
Are you facing these challenges or similar ones? Unfortunately, the problem is affecting your company and you, but you can’t put your finger on just one thing because it’s “layered.”

There is a SOLUTION to your problem.


TMCG’S Practical Agreement: Our promise, not to enroll you as a client into an engagement, unless our solution gives you 3x – 5x return on you investment.

3 Step (A.C.E.) Plan

Assess: Assess the situation. Meet with a client to discuss their current situation and what they want their desired situation to be. Use market proven practical and assessment tools.

Create: Create A Taylormade plan based on the assessment data.

Execute: Execute a strategy to achieve the desired results crafted in the plan.

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